The Yoga Guide

Yoga Treatment For Men

Yoga is a prehistoric traditional form of physical and spiritual practice. In addition, it is a great industry that provides weight and stress reduction, tight butts, marvelous flexibility and sexual survival. Yoga is the earliest for of treatment for various health complications. However, it is still widely applied.

Yoga as a complementary treatment of depression
Groundwork findings support the potential of yoga as a complementary treatment for disheartened patients who are taking anti-depressant medications but are only in biased lessening.

Yoga is one of the helpful ways in the prevention and cure of certain diseases like diabetes and cardiac disorders. A lot of exercise boost digestion and help the pancreas and the liver to function normally thus regulating blood sugar levels.

Example of a useful yoga exercise

Stand with your feet spread shoulder width apart, bend forward with the hands on the knees and then exhale through your mouth. When your breath disappears, close the throat so that no air will be able to enter the lungs.

Expand your chest as if you are breathing and suck your abdominal muscles tightly forming a hollow space. Then try to relax your muscles and stay in this position until you need to breathe then relax and inhale slowly.

Now, go into abdominal pumping. Release the muscles so that your stomach returns to its normal position and then suck the abdominal muscles again. Repeat this until you need to breathe. Discharge slowly and breathe normally. Repeat this exercise thrice.

Benefits of yoga

The biggest and highest endeavor of yoga is the realization of the true self. Yoga leads to a cosmic love, feeling of oneness in a person and improves self-drive. Extreme practice of yoga has been found to trigger perception and creativity, open out artistic capabilities and improve mental power.



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