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Fun Yoga For Children

Why is Yoga Important for Children?

Yoga is important for a child nowadays as there are more pressures for him/her. Yoga will gently calm the child down and let him/her stretch their muscles.

Fun Yoga Moves for Children

Make yoga fun to keep your child interested. You both can do the moves together. Your child can follow you and you both can enjoy each other's company.

- First take a deep breath while sitting on a mat or carpet.

- Count to ten with your eyes closed.

- Slowly stand up and stretch your arms high to the sky for ten seconds.

- Now you are ready to yoga "work."

- Pretend you are shoveling snow outside together. Slowly move your arms in a shovel movement and throwing the snow in a pile.

- Stomp off your feet as if getting the snow off. Walk a few steps as if you are coming inside.

- Stir some hot chocolate for pretend for ten seconds with your right hand.

- Next pretend you are stirring spaghetti for dinner.

- Now take a broom and sweep the floor as you spilled a lot of noodles on the ground.

- Sit down on the floor and take a deep breath while you pretend to drink your hot chocolate slowly raising your hand to your mouth.

- Plop ten marshmallows into your hot chocolate.

- Slowly look to the left and look to the right. This will stretch the neck muscles.

- Lift hands in a praying motion and have your child close his/her eyes.

- Have child think of something happy. Sit for one to two minutes.

- Time to bake cookies in the kitchen. Burn a favorite scented candle if you would like. Pretend to be kneading the dough while sitting on the carpeted floor or mat. Next, take a rolling pin and roll out your dough. You two can quietly
discuss what kind of cookies you are making together.

- Slowly stand up and pretend you are putting the flour away high in the cupboard. Next put the sugar away in a lower cupboard. Any other supplies put to the left and to the right. Now wash the countertop using slow circular motions. Switch hands and move in circular motions.

- Sit on mat and inhale for ten seconds releasing your cares away.


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