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Yoga For Mind and Body

Life today for many people is a stressful situation. We have worries of making enough money to pay for the ever rising cost of housing, food, clothing and other bills. Many deal with work that they do not really enjoy. It seems we are usually in a rush to get to jobs, finish projects and chores, and get children to school or their other activities. As we are trying to do these things we find ourselves faced with traffic and crowds. All while we are trying to find quality time to spend with our families and friends. All of this puts a lot of stress on us, draining a large amount of our energy.

Research has shown that the mind and body are interconnected. What effects us on a mental and emotional level will also effects us on a physical level. People who have emotional problems are usually found to have physical ailments, ranging from headaches to much more series diseases. If we do not deal with our mental and emotional stress, the physical ailments will manifest and get worse.

This is where yoga can be a tremendous asset for us to practice regularly. Yoga helps us connect our mind to our body's movements and rhythms. It teaches us to relax and be at ease. Our bodies become more toned and flexible. Our minds become more clear. We find an inner balance and peace that leads to a healthier life.

Yoga teaches us to be at ease so that when these challenging life situations arise we can deal with them constructively. If we are not relaxed and do not have inner harmony we tend to deal with such circumstances by creating anxiety. It is not the events that bring distress on us, but how we react to them. When we come to this realization it should be easy to see that the power to find happiness is also within each of us. We each have the power to make ourselves more harmonious, and in turn the world a better place.

We find this inner peace by practicing yoga poses, also called asanas, and through breathing. Asana is the Sanskrit word for the poses and positions you practice in yoga. These include many different twisting, standing, back bending, and balancing positions of different parts of the body. This all helps with alignment and balance, making the mind and body stronger. Anyone of any age or ability can practice yoga, though some positions require more skill than others to perform. Breathing awareness and control is also important. It helps strength the mind and body connection while also helping us to slow down and relax.

With how most of our lives are today and the benefits yoga brings, it seems like the two should be brought together. Many people are coming to this realization. Yoga has been gaining in popularity in the West for many years. It has become very common to see its influence very day. Even small towns have been known to be home to a yoga studio




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