Surname “R” 22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment

22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Rafferty, William H. Private K Since the war Disease
Ragan, Michael Private G
Rand, James B. Private I
Rankin, Daniel Corporal C
Rankin, James W. Private C
Ray, John J. Corporal E
Raymond, Stillman E. Private C
Raymond, William T. Private E
Read, John A. Private C
Read, Peleg W. Private C
Reagan, Daniel J. 1st Sergt. I
Reath, James, Jr. Private B Since the war Disease
Reed, Frank E. Private G
Reed, Joseph P. Musician Band Since the war Disease
Reedie, John Private A
Reynolds, Josiah K. Private C
Reynolds, William B. Private Un.
Rice, Rufus C. Private A May 5, 1864 Battle
Richards, Enoch Corporal K
Richards, Fitz J. Corporal H
Richards, George Private H
Richards, Thomas A. Private A June 27, 1862 Battle
Richardson, Arthur C. Sergeant K
Richardson, Edwin F. 1st Lieut. G Since the war Disease
Richardson, Frederick Private C
Richardson, James Private E
Richardson, John K. Corporal D
Richmond, Samuel W. Private C Jan. 8, 1863 Disease
Ricker, Joshua Private D Since the war Disease
Rider, William H. H. Private Un.
Riley, Jeremiah Private I
Riley, John Private Un.
Riley, John Private Un.
Riley, John Private Un.
Riley, John H. Private A
Riley, Thomas D. Private H
Ringold, Charles Private Un.
Ripley, Charles W. Private D
Roach, Charles Private Un.
Roak, Daniel Private H
Roark, Frank Private Un.
Robbins, Josiah T. Private B
Robbins, William H. Corporal A
Robertson, Augustus Private B
Robertson, Edward L. 1st Sergt. I Since the war Disease
Robinson, John Private E July 1, 1867 Disease
Robinson, Thomas Private G
Robinson, Webster Private Un.
Robinson, William Private Un.
Roby, George W. 1st Lieut. B 1880 Insanity
Rock, John Captain C
Rogers, Cyrus Private K
Roots, Nelson Private I
Ross, Jonathan Private H Since the war Disease
Ross, Lewis Private H
Ross, Walter Private C Since the war Disease
Rowell, Reuben Private I May 16, 1862 Disease
Royce, Harrison A. Bv. Col. Q.M.D.
Ruby, Jacob G. Private E
Rumwell, Lucius B. Private B Deserted
Rundle, Joshua Sergeant F
Ruse, Joseph Private B
Rusk, John B. Private Un.
Russell, Albert M. Private E Sept. 12, 1862 Disease
Russell, James T. Private I
Ryan, Daniel Private F
Ryan, John Private E
Ryan, John D. Private Un.
Ryan, Richard Private C
Ryder, James Private D Deserted

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