A simple introduction since this is my first ever blog.

First off I guess is how I came across this site. I ran across it on Facebook and liked a lot of the subjects that kept comin’ up, so I decided to check it out after the owner invited me over here.
A few of my interests are horses, leather crafting, reading, learning about the Civil War, the H.L. Hunley, and Civil War Reenacting.
Far as horses go I trail ride mostly but do a few speed events as well. Leather crafting, I mostly make horse equipment altho I’m learning to make other things. One of those other things is the accoutrements needed for Reenacting. On learning about the Civil War, I’m of course wanting tp learn all that I can. My favorite subject from that time period is the H.L. Hunley which was the first ever successful attack submarine. It’s a life’s dream to go to the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in South Carolina and see the Hunley with my own eyes. The Hunley and crew have my deepest respects.
I got into reenacting roughly 15mths after I got hurt in an accident on 7/1/10 that should’ve killed me but didn’t. I’ll tell you the story later if you wish to hear it.
Almost having my life snatched out from under me like that woke me up to wanting to enjoy what was left of it. So in Aug. of 2011, I got in contact with the Captain of the 4th Tennessee Cavalry Co.A and here I am; hooked on reenacting and anything to do with the Civil War.

3 thoughts on “A simple introduction since this is my first ever blog.

  1. Hi Jessie Dixon
    I think it will be very interesting to follow your blog and I think others will enjoy too.
    As I told you earlier that there need not be any stories that you write, it may be small excerpt of ideas and thoughts on this story


    1. Thank you. I frequently have random thoughts and ideas about my fav Civil War subjects that I guess I’d like to jot down now that I’ve got some where to do it.

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