Republican presidential

A campaign banner for 1864 Republican presidential nominee Abraham Lincoln and running-mate Andrew Johnson, a War Democrat. A drawn curtain reveals bust portraits of the two candidates in roundels framed with oak leaves. Above the portraits is a “Temple of Liberty”, within which stands Lady Liberty holding a staff and liberty cap. Four American flags flank the temple. Perched on the temple’s dome is an eagle with spread wings holding a banderole in his mouth and arrows in his talons. Rays of light ending in stars emanate from the temple.

A vignette below the portraits shows a man plowing with a team of horses in front of farm buildings. The peace and prosperity to come with Lincoln’s reelection, evoked by this bucolic scene, are emphasized by cornucopia on each side spilling over with fruit.

Source: American Political Prints, 1766 – 1876: A Catalog of the Collections in the Library of Congress, 1991, by Bernard F. Reilly, Jr.

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