The Re-enactor Written By Sgt.Benjamin R. Gormley

For the time that I last,I shall live in the past,And remember the worlds fading glories;The battles,and hero,and the songs that were sung,And the nearly forgotten old stories. Though I’ve earned not a cent for the time I’ve spent,And to many thats surely a mystery,I know recreate a time that was great,In our countries own turbulent history. Some call it a game,and some say “..for shame..”And to the unknowing,it’s a useless vocation;But I have shouldered a gun in the blistering sun,And I’ve shivered at the morning formation..In my jacket of grey,I strive portray,The private confederate soldier,And though I taste not of death,Nor the cannon’s fierce breath,I shall not let his memory moulder..When I’m finally called in to account for my sin,And to receive Savior’s just sentence….If there’s a prayer on my breath as I slip into death,’Twould be,God Save the Old Southland forever!!!

One thought on “The Re-enactor Written By Sgt.Benjamin R. Gormley

  1. Thanks for the Ben Gormley poem. I knew him for many years and he was a fixture and practically an institution at many events. Told lies and listened to his poems around many a campfire. He is missed.

    I reckon he is somewhere re-enacting and reciting poems around a campfire still.

    “Who knows but it may be given to us, after this life, to meet again in the old quarters, to play chess and draughts, to get up soon to answer the morning roll call, to fall in at the tap of the drum for drill and dress parade, and again to hastily don our war gear while the monotonous patterns of the long roll summons to battle?

    Who knows but again the old flags, ragged and torn, snapping in the wind, may face each other and flutter, pursuing and pursued, while the cries of victory fill a summer day?

    And after the battle, the wounded and slain will arise and all will meet together under the two flags, all sound and well and there will be talking and laughter; and cheers, and all will say, “Did it not seem real? Was it not as in the old days?…”

    Pvt. Berry Benson, 1st South Carolina Rifles Regiment; Berry Benson’s Reminiscences of the Civil War,

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