[b] [/b]
[b]I had a dream the other night, I didn’t understand.[/b]

[b]A figure walking through the mist, with flintlock in his hand.[/b]

[b]His clothes were torn and dirty, as he stood there by the bed,[/b]

[b]He took off his three-cornered hat, and speaking low, he said:[/b]

[b]“We fought a revolution, to secure our liberty.[/b]

[b]We wrote the Constitution, as a shield from tyranny,[/b]

[b]For future generations, this legacy we gave,[/b]

[b]In this, the land of the free and the home of the brave.”[/b]

[b]“The freedom we secured for you, we hoped you’d always keep.[/b]

[b]But tyrants labored endlessly, while your parents were asleep.[/b]

[b]Your freedom gone, your courage lost, you’re no more than a slave,[/b]

[b]In this, the land of the free and the home of the brave.”[/b]

[b]“You buy permits to travel, and permits to own a gun,[/b]

[b]Permits to start a business, or to build a place for one.[/b]

[b]On land that you believe you own, you pay a yearly rent,[/b]

[b]Although you have no voice in choosing how the money’s spent.”[/b]

[b]“Your children must attend a school that doesn’t educate.[/b]

[b]Your Christian values can’t be taught, according to the state.[/b]

[b]You read about the current news, in a regulated press.[/b]

[b]You pay a tax you do not owe, to please the I.R.S.”[/b]

[b]“Your money is no longer made of silver or of gold.[/b]

[b]You trade your wealth for paper, so your life can be controlled.[/b]

[b]You pay for crimes that make our nation turn from God in shame,[/b]

[b]You’ve taken Satan’s number, as you’ve traded in your name.”[/b]

[b]“You’ve given government control to those who do you harm,[/b]

[b]So they can padlock churches, and steal the family farm,[/b]

[b]And keep the country deep in debt, put men of God in jail,[/b]

[b]Harass your fellow countrymen, while corrupted courts prevail.”[/b]

[b]“Your public servants don’t uphold the solemn oath they’ve sworn.[/b]

[b]Your daughters visit doctors so their children won’t be born.[/b]

[b]Your leaders ship artillery and guns to foreign shores,[/b]

[b]And send your sons to slaughter, fighting other people’s wars.”[/b]

[b]“Can you regain freedom for which we fought and died?[/b]

[b]Or don’t you have the courage or the faith to stand with pride?[/b]

[b]Are there no more values for which you’ll fight to save?[/b]

[b]Or do you wish your children to live in fear and be a slave?”[/b]

[b]“Sons of the Republic, arise and take a stand![/b]

[b]Defend the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land![/b]

[b]Preserve our great republic and each God-given right,[/b]

[b]And pray to God to keep the torch of freedom burning bright!”[/b]

[b]As I awoke he vanished, in the mist from which he came.[/b]

[b]His words were true, we are not free. We have ourselves to blame.[/b]

[b]For even now as tyrants trample each God-given right,[/b]

[b]We only watch and tremble, too afraid to stand and fight.[/b]

[b]If he stood by your bedside, in a dream while you’re asleep,[/b]

[b]And wondered what remains of our rights he fought to keep,[/b]

[b]What would be your answer, if he called out from the grave?[/b]

[b]Is this still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? [/b]

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