A few reasons to become a member on this site

A few reasons to become a member on this site


A few reasons to become a member on this site.

  • You will receive the newsletter when the site is updated.
  • You can comment on articles.
  • You can have your own gallery (infinite space).
  • You can have your own blog.
  • Own pages (infinite space).
  • Access to articles that are visible only to membership.
  • You can be the opportunity to influence how the site should look like, and to build perhaps one of the largest sites on the Web.
  • You’ll also learn what it is that will come up on the site before it is uploaded.

How to post

1. Log in to http://www.factasy.com/civil_war/

2nd Then click on the Members pages (located on the first page).

3rd Then click on the link to your page (which is your site).

4th On this page there is a link reading Add child page (the darker gray bar).

5th I think that you will see what to do. (you can click on the text enable rich-text to get more options)

6th Once you’ve uploaded it to add the page, click on submit to add the page to be with you.

7th Follow steps 4-6 for adding new information.

I hope this helps you, gives you problems, please contact. Do not be afraid to try, I can fix if it is wrong

It is good if the images not is larger than 500 * 500

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