Carlton Family

Carlton Family

William Edward Clarke was born in Petersburg, Chesterfield Co., VA., in Nov 1815, and died in Demopolis on May 20, 1899. He was the son of Thomas and Mary (Pegram) Clarke, who removed from Petersburg, VA to Dayton. Thomas Clarke served in the War of 1812, with the rank of major. Robert Clarke, was an uncle of William E. Clarke, and represented Marring County in the State legislature in 1838 and 1839. William E. Clarke, graduated at law, at William and Mary College, Williamsburg, VA in 1837 and came to Marring County and practiced law at Dayton. He married Rebecca Raincock, daughter of George and Rebecca (Potham) Raincock, who lived at Norfolk, VA.

He had several sons, among them was Carter Pegram Clarke, who was a Civil Engineer, and died 25, 1873, at Beaver Meadow, of yellow fever. Richard Henry, his oldest son, was born Feb 9, 1843 at Dayton and died at Mobile, 26, 1906. Richard married August 15, 1877 to Helen Gains Foote, daughter of Charles King and Sarah (Lyon) Foote, of Mobile. His children were: William Edward, died young, Mabel Radford, who married J. Manley Foster of Tuscaloosa, Kathleen Mary, died young, Mary Clifton, also died young, Helen Gains, married Henry G. Smith of New York, Mary Morris married Carl H. Seals of Birmingham.

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