Camp in the woods 2 miles beyond Rhappahannock river November 12th 1863

Camp in the woods 2 miles beyond Rhappahannock river November 12th 1863


I recieved your letter of the 7th last night it found me well and I hope these lines may find you engoying the same: about that legacy I wish you would send me the release as soon as you can I do not need the money now I want you to draw it and keep it for me so that it draws interest we are laying about 2 miles from the river we crossed at Kelleys Ford we do not expect to lay here long I suppose you heard of our move Old Meade took the Rebels like thunder did the toad by surprize our division was not engaged this time the South Corps done it they advanced on towards the river to Rhappahannack Station and found the Rebels there on this side well fortified they fought till dusk when they charged on their works and took them and our men flanked them and got posesion of their pontoon Bridges and surrounded them and took their whole Brigade all that was on this side of the river an one Battery it was a desperate fight for a short time they stabed one another with their bayonets then our men advanced across the river and the Rebels were all in winter quarters there they were hurried out so fast that their officers left their trunks behind them and some of the fires there was their dinners on cooking one of our boys found a letter in one of their shantys that a Reb had wrote to some of his friends telling them that they had Just finished their winter quarters and that the yanks ought to come to see them now and they did come it appears before he got his letter in the office no more at present

Your Obedient

Samuel T. Cassatt

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