Camp at Rhappahannack Station Sept 6th 1863

Camp at Rhappahannack Station Sept 6th 1863

Dear Sir

I recieved your letter of the 17th of August we are Still at (another "at" crossed out) the old camp along the river and every thing quiet

the wether is very warm here during the day but the nights are very cold. Well that draft so long talked of has come off at last I have been looking over the list I see that John is drafted but it pleased me to see Dan Werts name among them: there was one drafted from Petersburg that belong to our company and deserted last fall his name is Amos Gardner there was 5 deserters shot here about a week ago in presence of the whole corps the 5th corps it was a pretty hard sight to look at but they deserved it they were men that went as substitutes for the money and run away one of them Deserted seven times they were marched behind their coffins around to their graves each man had a white shirt on and uniform cap and pantaloons and each mans eyes were bandaged and set on his own coffin and shot in the presence of the whole corps that should be a warning to all deserters I almost forgot to tell you I wish you would grease that rifle of mine If you please in side and out side to keep the rust from eating in I forgot it when I left

Yours Respectfully

Samuel T. Cassatt

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