Camp Pierpont Va February 4th 1862

Camp Pierpont Va February 4th 1862

I take my pen in hand to answer your Last letter which I recieved Jan 17th I have been sich for about two weeks but I am able to Report fit for duty this morning again it looks a little winter like here this morning there was a nice little snow fell last night but it is more acceptable than the mud this is what they call the Sacred Soil of Virginia but I should call it nothing but a perfect mud Hole we have not had much cold wether here yet but a great (d)eal of wet we keep pretty close quarters for the last month we have not drilled for some time on account of the wether not allowing it the camp as a general matter is healthy and our boys are in good Spirits John Hamilton was Sick about two months shortly after he came to war but he is engoying good health now I recieved them articles from the ordyly Sargent I got 2 shirts one pair of drawers and some thred and pins I did not get any Stockings he said he did not remember any of them for me if there was any please describe them in your next letter and if you forgot them you need not send any as I do not stand much in need of them now we presented our Colonel with an elegant Sword on last Sunday the sword cost $147.50 and the sash cost $40 it was presented by the noncommisioned officers and privates of our Regiment it brought an eloquent speech from the old Colonel the Big Fight you spoke of has not come off yet and no show for it yet awhile

I close hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours Respectfuly

Samuel T. Cassatt

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