Camp Pierpont Va December 6th 1861

Camp Pierpont Va December 6th 1861

Esteemed Friend

I recieved your letter and hasten at this early Period to avail my self of that pleasure it always affords me to answer your letters I have recieved your letter dated 26th and was pleased To hear from you I had give up all hopes of my letter ever comming to hand as it did not go strait on and one of our mess mates sent some money in a letter and has not heard from it yet You made inquiry in your last letter about Andy he is still at Leidersburg working for Bem. Slick and I have recieved several letters from him I seen him in Harrisburg on his return Home the time we left camp Wayne and staid at camp Curtin all night He was the same Andy as ever he said he would answer my letters if I would write To him I did not write to him till We got to Camp Pierpont thinking it not worth while but unexpected To me he answered every letter So far There is nothing new in camp we were out on (…) Brigade General Reynolds commanding with about 25 or 30 wagons on a foraging expidition we were expecting a fight but we were Disappointed we drove the rebel Piquets in and captured one of them we were drawed up in line of battle ready for any attack that Should be maid and the wagons started in diferent diriction after forage some were loaded With corn and some with Hay and what ever they could get worth taking There is one Thing wich I forgot to mention in my other letters I would like to know if you ever recieved My clothes wich I Sent to Gettysburg from Harrisburg in a carpet sack Directed to you

you wanted To know the Names of my mess mates which I will give you

Richard P. Gardner
Mathias I. Siplinger
David (?) Shaffer
William Mumper
John T. Cramer

That is about all That I have To say at present that Big Fight has not come off yet but I hope it soon may no more at Present

But Remain Your Friend

Samuel T. Cassatt

Write Soon

I Heard Last evining that John Had Taken To Him self a Wife is That So Tell him I am Looking for Some of the Wedding Cake I Wish him a Long and Happy life and an agreeable little Wife

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