Camp Near Warrington Va August 2nd 1863

Camp Near Warrington Va August 2nd 1863

Dear Sir

I recieved your letter last evening of the 25th July and hasten to reply the wether is so hot here it is almost hot enough to bake cakes in the sun we are encamped about 2 miles south of Warrington I do not know how long we may lay here but we all need a little rest: I catched up with my regiment on the third day after I left you but I done some hard marching before I catched them they were marching evry day from the time I left them till I joined them again the day I saw you I marched about 3 miles beyond Emetsburg that evening and the next day I made Middleburg wich was 30 miles I got up to the Regiment near Williams Port our boys had a little fight with the rebels there but it did not amount to much I was not in it the rebels crossed the river there was none of our troops on the other side of the river as was reported but there was about 2 or 3 thousand rebels taken before they could cross as soon as they crossed our troops struck for Manassas gap and got there as soon as the rebels 2 Divisions of the third corps had a nice little brush with them there we have been marching every day until now since we left Gettysburg It is a little more than one month since we left Fairfax Station and we have marched near five hundred miles in that time since we left the station we marched 3 days on nine crackers when we left Manasses Gap on account of the wagons not getting after us we would occasionaly seize on a secesh hog to remind them of Pennsylvania: You wanted to know how much I sent for them articles I sent one dollar and 15 cents apiece for them 2 dollars and 30 for both of them that is what the tickets cost I did not know that Hen Wirtz was in the Rebel army before I recieved your letter do you know what Regiment he is in What does old Henry and John think of him What do they say about this war I suppose they lean a little towards the south I must Bring my letter to a close

Hoping to hear from you soon

Your Friend

Samuel T. Cassatt

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