Camp Fairfax Station Va June the 13th 1863

Camp Fairfax Station Va June the 13th 1863

Dear Sir

I recieved your welcome letter of the 10th it found me in good health and I hope these few lines may find you engoying the same the wether is very warm here now the thermometer was up to 100 and 1 degrees yesterday in the shade and I think to day is warmer than yesterday: you said you would write to Mcpherson if I wished it you will be doing me a favour if you do if you write let me know when you get an answer and what prospects there is of getting one: I will not send them ten dollars till I hear from you again for if I should happen to be lucky enough to get a furloe I would need them to come home on: you asked me what I thought of Gen: McClelland I have not heard much about him of late I do not know any thing about him onley as a general and that I think that he was a good one for I do not think that there is a general in our Army that would have brought the army of the Potomac through like he did if he had been a traitor at the time he could have left the Rebels capture our whole army and no body would have suspicioned him no one that was not in it has any idea of it and the soldiers fought for him harder than they did for any other one as soon as he was put out the spirits of the army went down and we have not gained much since he would talk to any private soldier no matter how low but we will let that rest for the present I sent you a map a few days ago I suppose you had not recieved it when you wrote to me it is a map of one hundred and fifty miles around Richmond, no more at present

hoping to hear from you soon

Your Friend

Samuel T. Cassatt

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