Books that Michael T. Griffith have write

Books that Michael T. Griffith have write

Michael T. Griffith joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1977 at the age of nineteen. From 1979 to 1981 he served a mission in the Texas Dallas Mission.

Brother Griffith has attended Ricks College, Brigham Young University, Austin Peay State University, Mount Wachusett Community College, and Haifa University in Israel, where his studies centered around ancient history and foreign languages.

While at Brigham Young University, Brother Griffith worked as an assistant to Dr. Ross T. Christensen of the Society for Early Historic Archaeology. In 1982 that organization published his paper on the famous Lehi tree-of-life stone, The Lehi Tree-of-Life Story in the Book of Mormon Still Supported by Izapa Stela 5.

In 1983 Brother Griffith graduated in Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Dialect from the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. He graduated with honors in Hebrew from the same institution in 1987. In 1989 he completed an advanced summer program in Hebrew at Haifa University.

Brother Griffith is the author of four books: A Ready Reply; Signs of the True Church of Christ; Refuting the Critics: Evidences of the Book of Mormon’s Authenticity; and One Lord, One Faith: Writings of the Early Christian Fathers as Evidences of the Restoration.

Brother Griffith has held several Church callings, including Ward Clerk, Sunday School and Primary teacher, Elder quorum Presidency First Counselor, and Ward newsletter editor. He is married to the former Rosemarie Lynn Pratt, and they are the parents of five children.


A Ready Reply: This important book provides clear, complete answers to numerous challenges non-Mormons have raised about the LDS  Church. Are LDS temple ordinances derived from Masonic ceremonies? Are Joseph Smith’s seer stones evidence that Mormonism is based in occultic practices? Is there bad grammar in the first edition of the Book of Mormon?

Questions such as these come from anti-Mormon antagonists. Some are maliciously presented by those who seek to discredit the LDS Church; others come from individuals who just want to know the truth.

The author shows that Masonic rites are derived from ancient sources that contained remnants of true temple worship, and that they are similar to sacred early Christian initiation ceremonies which form the bases for the modern LDS temple service.

The Prophet Joseph, he shows, was no different than Biblical prophets, when the same rules of prophetic utterance and fulfillment are applied equally.

The author suggests that grammatical criticism of the Book of Mormon should also be applied to several New Testament books and accepted Greek New Testament translations, which also contain many grammatical errors.

The charge of occult practices evaporates under serious scriptural research, in view of the recorded actions of the apostles of the early Church and the Savior himself.

Other chapters also answer questions about LDS doctrines on the Atonement, blood atonement, forgiveness of sins, salvation by grace, baptism as an essential Christian ordinance, errors in the Bible, and the marital status of Jesus Christ.

This is a fascinating book for personal reading enjoyment, and is an important reference work for missionaries and other teachers of gospel subjects.

Refuting the Critics: In this important work, Michael T. Griffith answers criticisms of the Book of Mormon raised by anti-Mormon writers and presents numerous evidences of the veracity of that sacred text. This book documents a wide array of evidences of the Nephite record. Exciting new research developments are discussed in detail, including recent studies on archaeology and the Book of Mormon; computer wordprint tests; ancient near eastern language elements in the Nephite record; the geography of the Book of Mormon, and cultural parallels between ancient America and the Old World.

This book also refutes challenges raised by critics against the Nephite record. The following are some of the anti-Mormon issues considered and answered herein: Bible passages in the Book of Mormon; Ethan Smith’s View of the Hebrews and the nephite record; the Spaulding theory; alleged anachronisms in the Book of Mormon; Alma 7:10 and the place of the Savior’s birth; supposed conflicts between archaeology and the Book of Mormon, and the accuracy and completeness of the Bible.

Refuting the Critics is carefully researched and thoroughly documented. Well over two hundred sources are cited, including scores of scholarly works by recognized LDS and non-LDS experts in such fields as Near Eastern and Mesoamerican archaeology, biblical studies, early Christian history, and ancient languages.

Yet, for all of the impressive evidence presented herein, the author is careful to point out that the most powerful confirmation of the Book of Mormon comes from the Holy Ghost. Easy to understand yet abundantly documented, this book strengthens faith in the Book of Mormon and will be a valuable missionary tool.

Signs of the True Church of Christ: Signs of the True Church of Christ

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