George Reed was born March 21, 1819, in Froyle, England. Froyle is located in the District of Alton, County of Southampton. On April 4, 1839, George married Harriet Pond. They had five children who survived to immigrate to the United States in 1858. The children were; Charles (11/15/40), James (3/12/43), Timothy (12/3/48), Daniel (7/29/52) and Harriet (7/13/57). Timothy was my great-Grandfather. George is described as being 5’5″, weighing 150 pounds, brown hair and blue eyes.

George was the son of George (1792-1879) and Sarah (Collins) Reed (1792-1834). George was the son of James Reed (1764-1841) and Lucy (Coombs) Reed (1764-1851). At this point, 1764, the lineage for the Reed family stops.

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