Air strikes against the convoy of trucks and tanks on the road to Benghazi

The attacks from the West continued on Sunday against Libya and the Danish plan now actively participating in the operation.

Meanwhile, Gaddafi forces entered Misrata.

Four Danish F-16s attacking visiting Libya as neo DR. What and where to strike is unclear.

Witness Information, that Gaddafi forces have now entered the central Misrata with tanks and foot soldiers, according to Reuters.

- Two people have been killed by snipers and they are still on the roofs. They are backed by four tankers that have led patrol the city. It is hard for people to go out, said a person who lives in Misrata to al-Jazeera.

He heard heavy explosions followed by smaller, and says that the city is about to be broken.

- We believe that he uses cluster bombs.

- This is a massacre, a completely devastating. It is completely unbelievable!
He appeals to the international forces for immediate assistance.

- They kill us, "he told Al Jazeera.
Tense in Benghazi

The mood in Benghazi, according to Al-Jazeera reporter tense but hopeful.

- They held up by the fact that Gaddafi forces have withdrawn, but they still fear that the regime is faithful in hiding in the city.
Withdraws threat to civil

Muammar Gaddafi has previously gone out with the military intervention in the country would lead to counter-attacks against both military and civilian targets in the Mediterranean. According to AFP, however, the threat of attacking civil aviation has been withdrawn by the regime.

Gaddafi’s son went out on Sunday with the regime sought to liberate from Benghazi, "gangsters" and that attacks against Libya is the result of a "big misunderstanding".
The goal is not to overthrow Gaddafi

U.S. military went on Sunday issued a statement about the purpose of the military operations, reports AFP.

- The primary goal is to protect the Libyan civilian with a no-fly zone, not necessarily to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi.

Although Italy is now connecting to the military operation with eight fighter jets.
Important road bombed

French air force continued during the Sunday attack against Libya. Several burned-out cars and military vehicles lined the attack a strategic road to Benghazi.

Total synthesis 14 bodies next to the bombed-out cars, reports a Reuters correspondent. The road has a history of Muammar Gaddafi forces to move closer to Benghazi, after fighting the battles in Ajdabiya.

40 bombs were dropped at dawn on a Libyan airfield by U.S. warplanes, writes al-Jazeera. However, there are no data on how many of those military targets that were destroyed in the attack.
Russia critical of the attack

Russia wants an end to what is called "indiscriminate use of force" against Libya in response to the military operations against the country.

Arab League criticizes the military attack against Libya, writes AFP. Last week, the Association was in favor of a no-fly zone. But the consequences of the military operation is under the Secretary-General Amr Moussa has been more far reaching than you imagined.

Moussa called for an emergency meeting of Arab League, concerning the situation in Libya, reports Sky News. It is unclear when that will happen.

At the same time said Desmond Tutu, who received the Nobel Peace Prize, that Africa has not stopped the Libyan leader for over 40 years. The military operations which the United States and European countries are now implementing had been necessary had they been forced Gaddafi to take responsibility for their actions.
Several killed in war

64 people in Benghazi to have died of the West attacked Gaddafiregimen said on Sunday afternoon, according to Reuters. Meanwhile, hospital sources told AFP that at least 94 people died as a result of the regime’s assault on the town last Friday.

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