Air strikes against the convoy of trucks and tanks on the road to Benghazi


France continued during the Sunday attack against Libya. Several burned-out cars and military vehicles lined the attack a strategic road to Benghazi.

Total synthesis 14 bodies next to the bombed-out cars, reports a Reuters correspondent. The road has a history of Muammar Gaddafi forces to move closer to Benghazi, after fighting the battles in Ajdabiya.

The attack on the vehicles came from the fighter.
Russia critical of the attack

Russia wants an end to what is called "indiscriminate use of force" against Libya in response to the military operations in the country.

Libyan state television says it will hand out weapons to more than one million regimen faithful men and women.
Several killed in war

64 people in Benghazi to have died of the West attacked Gaddafiregimen said on Sunday afternoon, according to Reuters. Meanwhile, hospital sources told AFP that at least 94 people died as a result of the regime’s assault on the town last Friday.


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