Alabama in the Civil War

Alabama seceded from the United States January 11, 1861. Though Alabama did not have any major battles within its borders, it did contribute about 120,000 white men to the Confederate armed forces. Most served with others from their local areas. Unknown numbers of slaves were pressed into service to build or repair roads, railroads, and defenses, while others took care of the cooking and cleaning for the armies. About 10,000 slaves escaped and joined the Union forces as well as about 2700 white men who remained loyal to the Union.
7 Civil War battles were fought in Alabama. The following have information about these battles:
American Civil War site has brief summaries of the battles, with maps and photos.
Alabama in the American Civil War in Wikipedia has a list of battles with links to other pages about each battle.
National Park Service site has brief summaries of the battles.
Civil War Album site has modern photos of places or things relating to the battles. It can be searched.
any units were numbered, however, many were named instead. See the table below for lists of the regiments, battalions, batteries, and other units.

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