(1858/4) Aadne Holverson – Private, Co E, Frontier Texas Cavalry Regiment

(1858/4) Aadne Holverson – Private, Co E, Frontier Texas Cavalry Regiment

"It is said that he was always slow. When he was escaping from the army, he got on his horse without untying it and Skimland came up and cut the rope. They stayed hidden away in the mountains near Norse [Bosque county] to escape detection. Jacob Olson brought them something to eat. One time he could not find them. They got tired of sneaking away and went back to the army. On the evening of their going back, Mrs. Olson put a table on the yard and gave them something to eat. – which Jacob Olson says was not much. Just a few minutes after they had left, Judge Schrutchfield [sic] came to get them. It seemed that he did not care to get them. He took a candle and went into one of the rooms to look around and found it half full of wheat. He said there was a lot of wheat. A short time afterwards, the boys deserted again. They had a hard time."

- Jacob Olson, Early Scandinavian Pioneers of Bosque County, Texas

(1851/20) Otto B. Swenson – Corporal, Co E, Frontier Texas Cavalry Regiment

"..Knowing very little about the nature of the conflict, Swenson simply had no interest in the fighting. Since he had not been issued a uniform, Swenson solved his problem by walking away from his company, drifting around in enemy and neutral territory until the war officially ended, and then leisurely walking back to Bosque county."

- William C. Pool, History of Bosque County, Texas, p. 42

(1841/3) Peter Norboe

"After the outbreak of the Civil War, he drove a herd of 225 big steers to the east, selling a few at Memphis and the rest to the Confederacy."

J. Evetts Haley, Charles Goodnight: Cowman and Plainsman, p. 130 note

Some of the Norwegians who did not serve in the Confederate military, were employed as civilians for the CS Army or Government. The names of five of these men have been recorded.

(1858/21) Andrew ALBERTSON -Shoemaker for the Army, Tyler (or Mt. Sylvan), Texas

B: Anders Andersen Berge 21 Apr 1830, Holt, Norway. D: 187?, Smith county (Mt. Sylvan?), Texas.
[could have been at Jefferson QM Depot or Mound Prairie]

(1859/17) Ole J ARNEBERG – Blacksmith & Gunsmith for the Army, Mound Prairie QM Depot [?], Texas

B: Ole Jensen Arneberg 9 Jul 1811, Romedal, Norway. "…He was a blacksmith and gunsmith [for] the army…at home, exempt..:" – Early Scandinavian Pioneers of Bosque County, Texas, undated typescript by Jacob Olson. Description (according to emigration records): 5’4" tall, slender, blue eyes, dark hair. D: Jun 1884, Bosque county, Texas (Norse?).

(1850/102) Canute CANUTESON – Postmaster at Norman Hill, Bosque county, Texas

B: Knud Knudsen 1802 in Norway. Canuteson "had served as postmaster at Norman Hill since its establishment [and] was retained in that capacity by the Confederate government throughout the war" – Ella Lonn, Foreigners in the Confederacy, p. 88 (Gloucester, Mass., 1965). Note, however, that Lonn erroneously states that it was Ole Canuteson (nephew of Canute and a private of Co C, 30th Texas Cavalry Regiment) who was postmaster at Norman Hill. D: 11 Jul 1886, Bosque county, Texas (Norse).

(1850/94) John HANSON – Blacksmith & Gunsmith for the Army, Mound Prairie Armory

B: Hans Jensen Øvernes 11 Jun 1831, Nes Verk, Holt, Norway. "..At Mound Prairie, where there is established a large gunfactory, and where my partner, John Hanson, is employed.." – letter from John R. Reierson to Oscar Reierson, dated Prairieville, Texas, 22 Dec 1862. D: ?

(1850/38) Ole M OLSON – Wagonmaker for the Army, Jefferson, Texas

B: Ole Olsen Schulestad 16 May 1832, Østre Vimme, ŭli, Norway. Employed in the army’s wagon factory at Jefferson. Listed in Martin Ulvestad, Nordmændene i Amerika, vol. I, p. 318. D: 1897, Bosque county, Texas (Clifton).

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