A how to for contributors

Help for contributors

How to put up a story or book or page.

1.Login on the site (not the forum)

2.click on Create content (under the Menu)

3. choose exampel story.

4.Choose a good title that fit to the article you want to put up.

5.In the body should you put in that you will write about, you can even get the article an second title if you want,(click on enable rich-text and choose format and take h3

6. Now is the article ready and you can submit.


How to do a link in the text (this is a exampel for the page http://www.factasy.com/civil_war/a_brief_history.shtml)

Do a new article and copy the adress in the adress field after you have submit it


1.Click on edit.

2. Click on enable rich-text lable the word Don Carlos Buell.

3.At enable rich-text beside the format so can you see the insert button click on that.

4.In the Link url so can you put up the link (is it to a other site choose target and open in a new window).

5.and now do you choose insert and after that so can you submit the page.

and open in a new window).5.and now do you choose insert and after that so can you submit the page.

How To Submit Relative

1.login at the site.
2.go to the page http://www.factasy.com/civil_war/relative (Members Relative)
3.click on your name.
4.click on Add child page
5. do a page for every relative you have the title can you set to the relatives name.
6.use the body to put up the info you have
7 submit the page
You Need a account to do this

How To Submit blog post

1. Login at http://www.factasy.com/civil_war/index.shtml

2. Go to  Create content

3. Click at Create content

4. Click at Blog entry

5. Now you will get to the very blog page.

Fill in the title.
In the body the box to see the text enable rich-text to click on, the more opportunities for your writing.
Here you can load up your photos and more.

Fill out the Body (your contains)
The last to do now if you’re finished, click on Submit.
Now is your blog up on the site

Keep in mind that this is a simple blog


How to post photos READ Here 

Do you want to be a  volunteer

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